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Dedications and acknowledgements

A web site, like any other publication, is a great opportunity to thank briefly the people who were instrumental in its becoming a reality. I would like to dedicate this Website and its related sites to some very special people in my life and exciting, expanding career.

A very special dedication of this piece of myself to the two people who meant the most to me... my folks, Ron and Marge Hooey. Sadly, both my parents left this earthly realm in 1999.

Ron and Marge Hooey who unconditionally loved and supported Bob as he grew, stumbled, fumbled and began to build a solid foundation for success under his keynote speaking, corporate training and executive coaching career.

Lillian (Marge) Hooey: April 1, 1917 - August 20th, 1999

To my mom, who was so amazed and perhaps amused at the way my life turned out?

At the son, who hated school - ending up a corporate trainer, keynote speaker and college instructor. At the writer, who hated doing any written reports or homework. At the, now, keynote speaker who is now being paid to share his Ideas At Work!; who when younger drove both his parents and teachers crazy with his motor mouth.

To my mom, who as a former English teacher, loved me and painfully corrected my grammar and spelling. I will miss your proof reading, your love, and your guidance as I strive to capture my thoughts in print. Mom was so amazed when she saw my books in print. She must have wondered where I was hiding my writing talent, as it sure was not evident in high school.

Patti (my sister) and I had the privilege of being with you when you passed from this world to the next to see dad. I held you in my arms as you slipped away to the man and the God you loved. I still miss you!

Ronald Howard Hooey: Feb. 11th, 1917 - Feb. 11th, 1999

To my dad, who was my biggest champion and cheerleader.

Who, over the years, modeled compassion and caring for others. Who was always there with the advice when I needed it - and sometimes I even took it? Who worked hard, to make sure we had what we needed. But most of all, worked hard to ensure we knew he loved us and supported us, even when he may not have agreed with the directions we took. I will miss your spirit, support and love in my life as I continue serving my clients around the world. You always believed in me, supported me and your last words were, " I love you and your mom and I are so proud of you." I am so thankful my last words to you were, "I luv you pop!"

Ron and Marge Hooey: Bob's parents who loved and guided him.

Ron and Marge Hooey acting like two young teenagers following their romantic open carriage ride on their 50th wedding anniversary in Victoria, BC.

"Hey, you two... get a room."

But, it gave me hope, still does as I spend my life with Irene.

I was richly blessed with the two of you in my life. Thanks so much for adopting me and making me a part of the Hooey Family (click on link to see and share a few Hooey Family memories).

Thanks seems so inadequate! "Thanks Mom!" and "Dad, You're Still My Hero!"were written as part of the "Tell them know series" to encourage people to show and share their appreciation to the important people in their lives - NOW! 100% of all proceeds from their sales will go to support charities that my mom and dad supported.

George and Lid Sidor, Bob's second set of parents. Irene's mom and dad.

Sadly, 2015 saw the loss of two very special people in our lives. Irene's dad, George Sidor and mom, Liil Sidor left us in April and December. They had reached out and made me a real member of their family.

I had the privilege of calling them dad and mom for many years, even before Irene made an honest man of me by saying yes when I asked her to marry me.

They were amazing people and I miss them bunches.

To my special friend and web coach, Irene Gaudet (as of Oct. 4th, 2008 my amazing wife) who is now helping me with my series of mini-websites as well as maintaining and improving this main one. She has graciously taken on my mom's proof reading role to ensure that the words I share can be actually understood.

She is gently guiding me through the steep Dreamweaver learning curve, so I can do some of the edits and updates personally to save her creative time. I am blessed to have a partner in more than just words.

Irene Gaudet, Web diva and authorship coach.
Irene Gaudet

To the thousands of Toastmasters over the years, who patiently listened as I practiced my speaking, and kindly encouraged me with suggestions that would help me grow. To the Toastmasters who still listen as I am asked to keynote various District and Regional conferences across North America.

To my fellow professional speakers, colleagues, and friends in CAPS, NSA and the GSF who have taught me how to become a more effective and inspirational platform professional, and continue to help me learn the business of speaking. My continued gratitude for your encouragement, inspiration, and role models.

To my many clients and the meeting planners throughout North America and around the globe who have trusted me with their staff and teams, and given me their encouragement and support. Who have hired me to be a part of their teams, their meetings and their conventions.

To all of these great people, I say thanks so very much. It is my privilege to be invited to be a part of your success teams and to share a few ideas with your audiences. I so, love what I do!

To each of you, including those who are reading this note, I say thank you for enriching my life and for making what I do such a privilege. I am enriched by your support, your friendship, your patronage, and your acceptance of my Ideas At Work!

I am full of gratitude for the investment of so many people in my life and my career, especially my wife and partner, Irene. You've enriched my life and career.

Bob pictured here after repelling down the outside of a 28 story building in support of Alberta Easter Seals.

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Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

I have been very fortunate with the many people who have contributed to my growth and success in this industry. My dedication to continued growth is my gratitude for their gifts.

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