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Idea-rich career, leadership, and business success articles from the worlds's top experts

Stop wrestling with your career, leadership or business decisions. Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey can equip and motivate you and your team to tackle the tigers in your life and succeed. Engage Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey to work with your leaders and teams.

A creative collection of idea-rich "Wisdom and Writing" to equip and motivate you and your team to succeed!

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Canadian Author, Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey wrestling a 400 pound Bengal tiger during a special event held in Edmonton, Alberta on his 18th birthday. Stop wrestling with your quest for success, we can help! This collection of wisdom from some very smart folks, when applied, can help you equip and motivate your team to grow and succeed.

If you are looking for articles for your company or association newsletter please consider some of these. You can also use any of the following 50 plus on our newsletter editor's page. You can also use any of Bob's articles on this page. Please ask other authors directly for permission to reprint their wisdom.

Canadian inspirational business, leadership, and career development author, trainer and motivational keynote speaker, Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey has been letting his creativity flow in written form since the late 1970’s. As he moved into his career in professional speaking, his writing took a different, more idea-rich, helpful focus for his readers.

Bob's innovative ideas, inspirational articles and successful projects have been published in local and national media, North American and international consumer, corporate intranet, association, on-line and trade publications. His motivational columns, writing, and programs have challenged, inspired and entertained thousands of leading edge professionals and their teams to successfully apply his innovative Ideas At Work!

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Canada's Ideaman, Bob Hooey, partners with committed leaders and organizations to equip and motivate profitable growth and enhanced success. Bob is an award winning leader and speaker who travels the globe sharing his Ideas At Work! Visit

Please note: Articles are available in rtf or pdf formats, and some link directly to our guest author's websites. For Bob's articles, if you need an rtf, word or other format email us with the title of the article and we would be pleased to send it to you. Please contact other authors directly for permission to reprint their work.

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Bob’s Business Enhancement Success Thinking articles are available at no charge for your personal use and professional development. They may be used for in-house and association publishing, provided copyright and contact information, as outlined, are included. For example, Titleist used a six-pack of Bob's articles on their new intranet website for their North American sales staff. See Disclaimer/Privacy/CASL and Articles - Terms of Use page for full details on terms of use.

Bob invited some of North America’s top writers and experts who speak, to include an article or two for you. Unless otherwise specified, guest articles are ‘read only.’

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